About Us

In 2013, Pete & Jennifer Robson purchased Le Walt Glass (established in 1956) and formed Reliant Contract Glass serving the Chicago Commercial Construction Market as a premier partner for commercial glazing projects.   Combining Pete's almost thirty years in the industry serving Cardinal Glass in Rockford and McHenry County Glass in McHenry and his commitment to his clients and vendors, Reliant Contract Glass will provide the accountability and dependability he is known for.

With years of knowledge and expertise in the industry, Pete and his team will provide the skills necessary to complete each project on time and on budget


Awards & Certifications

Reliant Contract Glass recently received Certification from the Contractor Score LLC of which calculates the liquidity, working capital, leverage and profitability of the most recent fiscal year and fiscal quarter as it relates to the existing backlog.

Reliant Contract Glass, Inc. earned a contractor score of 1275 as of May 31, 2016. A score of 1275 places Reliant Contract Glass as "Excellent" in the rating category.

"Contractors scoring in this range usually have significant outside credit line available, top 25 percent operating ratios and typically conservative fiscal policies and/or proactive cash management practices".  Glenn Matteson at Contractor Score

Mission Statement

 Peter Robson knows that architecture is more than designing buildings. We  work with our clients to craft memorable spaces